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Kuro and his house owners are invited to the contest at a local retail outlet. Kuro, however, realizes this as a ruse put in place by Dr. Go and his army of robot cats. 

Barely escaping from collapsing ruins, Kuro and the Many others experience off With all the demon, Who possesses Hebibinga, the Sam Robots and Mi in hopes of defeating Kuro. He fails, though the devil collects a heap of scrap into a gigantic entity, and Kuro and Mi Merge to ultimately ruin him. 

Kuro is around the lam just after boy genius Kotaro, who idolizes him, can make mischief all over a fleet of army ships. Along with Mi, he will help rescue Kotaro and on their own from the deranged pilot, when he learns he threatened to destroy himself. 

The school wherever Suzuki works at is tormented by many paranormal gatherings. Kuro, Dr. Go and Mi assistance him discover the reason for these activities, However they afterwards figure out this was all setup by one particular Kuro's mates. 

The grandparents have not long gone out in a very long time, so that they comply with go see The good Buddha, they usually believe in the at any time-reliable Kuro to maintain the house Protected. Even so, He's unwilling to allow them to be by them selves even outdoors the house, so he secretly follows them, with Go, Mi, and Kotaro in pursuit.

Matatabi unexpectedly operates into a youthful boy who takes Matatabi in as his individual. Matatabi before long discovers that his new loved ones is amazingly wealthy, and gets to be accustomed to this right up until he relates to a large realization... 

Even now in his flashback, Kuro remembers himself and Matatabi fighting oncoming crows. The crows ambush the kittens, and our two heroes will have to end the conquest with some assistance from another stray cats. 

Zawame-town is a firm city in which the Yggdrasil Company. In town, younger Road-dancers divide up right into a few teams. They appreciate dance battle plus a sport that combating in between little... See complete summary »

Suzuki, having required to speak to them, pilots a rocket to test to seek out them. Amidst the hubbub, Chieko gets to be aware about that. This was the final episode to implement common cel animation, cels would carry on for use for that title playing cards and artwork for Japanese Television set Journals. 

Promotional picture of the characters on the sequence. Slapstick humor is combined with action, even though accompanied by Yokouchi's distinct kind of drawing.

Chieko Okada is The brand new child in town. She features remarkable psychic qualities, which she employs to overcome her issues. Megumi, Kazuma and Yoshino introduce her to Kuro's friends, but Chieko acknowledges him given that the Vape Cave on Instagram a person who ruined her connection, as he was in his Rampage point out at that time. This leads to an utter battle in between The 2. 

The protagonist is older (continuous task as a pharmacist but she acquired recruited into Narcotics because of her capacity to resist the consequences of [medicines??]) so the gang’s distinct much too xD

Romeo finds everyday living in the world being boring, and he shuts Kuro's homeowners and Dr. Go inside a bomb-filled dome, leaving Kuro and Mi to Participate in cops and robbers with him. Mi discards the bomb, but unintentionally releases the "prisoners". 

Kuro can be a housecat for an aged couple who can not protect on their own and are in Regular danger. They trust in him to keep burglars from invading their dwelling, at which he is proficient. In spite of his bravery, He's in enjoy Using the community Canine, Pooly, and he sets out to confess this someday. Although heading to see her, he and Pooly are ambushed and injured. Kuro is then kidnapped by Dr. Go, a mad scientist, and remodeled right into a cyborg with invincible steel frames and endless power, the newest inside a line of robotic cats utilized for world domination, called the "Nyan-Nyan Military".

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